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What We Believe

Do epic shitake! Fear is irrational. Change is constant. Enjoy the ride. Love is free - share it. Laugh until your belly hurts.

We believe that borders divide countries, but they shouldn’t divide humanity. We believe a hand up is best but that a hand out can give hope for a better tomorrow.  We believe there is beauty beyond Barbie and in protecting the ‘aina’ (Hawaiian for land).

We believe in loving people outside our family and friends.  We believe everyone can find something in common if they tried.  We believe in paying it forward and pushing the limits.  We believe in seeing others for their abilities.  We believe in supporting our troops but that war does not create peace.  We believe in authenticity and true participation.  We believe that getting older and wiser doesn’t mean losing your youth.  We believe with God all things can be done.  We believe in smiling at strangers and waving thank you to the car that let you over in traffic.  We believe laughter is true medicine.  We believe the human condition connects us all.  We believe challenges and obstacles are opportunities for innovation.  We believe that two heads are better than one and four is better than three.  We believe in transparency and honesty.  We believe passion, optimism, perseverance, and community can create long-lasting positive change.

A startup for positive change
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