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What is Changeanomics?

Changeanomics – Is the concept of leveraging the fiscal power of everyday purchases to drive bottom-up systemic social change in the practices of companies

Drivers of Changeanomics

  • You, the consumer
  • The purchases (i.e. "votes") you make
  • The practices that your purchase supports
  • The implications of your purchase on people and the Earth

The Following Elements Make Your Purchase a "Vote"

  • Every product has a story that is made up of a number of supply chain decisions
  • When a purchase is made, your dollars support every decision in the supply chain
  • Your purchase perpetuates a positive or negative impact on people, locations around the world, and the environment

Collective Votes Facilitate Good or Bad Things in the World

  • When purchases are made by hundreds, thousands, and millions of people, they create collective power and influence. Together, all of our purchases have the potential to spark larger corporations' attention. Through our collective purchasing power, we can economically influence global companies to change their supply chains and work toward becoming more socially responsible.

Redirecting Purchases Can Create Positive Change

  • Imagine what the world would be like if millions of shoppers stopped buying from mainstream retailers and only made purchases from brands that use their business models to have a positive impact on the health of shoppers, human rights, and the environment. To remain viable, and regain market share, a large shift in consumer behavior would result in mainstream retailers having to authentically adopt business models that work to do good in the world. The "simple" shift of redirecting purchases can result in healthier people and a healthier planet.
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