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Our Story

Our Story

As much as Founder and CEO Adriana Herrera sometimes hates to admit it, Fashioning Change is a case of “Father Knows Best.”

Adriana’s Dad’s experience with the manufacturing industry in Juarez, Mexico, resulted in him giving her and her brothers three rules they had to follow in order to make a clothing purchase. They...

1 Couldn’t buy clothes made in Asia
2 Couldn’t buy clothes made of synthetic materials
3 Couldn’t buy clothes that were dark colors because he believes that children are the light of the world and should be brightly dressed

As she grew up, Adriana learned the meaning behind her father’s weird shopping rules. She began to see purchases as her Dad did, as connections to people and places around the world. His rules inspired her to help make it easy for anyone to purchase stylish, money saving, nontoxic, and sweatshop free alternatives to name brands.

Today, the Fashioning Change team curates thousands of products based on inspiration from Adriana’s Dad’s shopping rules. We also use innovative technology to make it easy for anyone to find awesome alternatives to top name brands.

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