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Our vision is simple: to create access to stylish brands that use each purchase to protect health, protect the Earth, protect human rights, AND that give back.

Every day we work to:

  • Be a friendly resource that creates access to carefully curated brands that have the look, price point, and quality of name brands but are made using processes that are nontoxic, sustainable, and sweatshop free.
  • Support the success of brands that believe in cradle-to-cradle supply-chain transparency and are proud to share the impact of their manufacturing processes on consumer health, the environment, and the people in their supply-chain.
  • Quantify the “do good” value of purchases so that we may drive bottom-up systemic change in the retail and manufacturing industries.
  • Become a partner and resource to social justice organizations that are working on environmental, human rights, and social justice issue.
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