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10 Ways to Wear a T-Shirt

Adriana_mnn Adriana Herrera is the Founder and CEO of Fashioning Change. She's a tree hugger and geek in stilettos. She's on a mission to use our shopping habits to change the world. Read more about Adriana Herrera

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10 Ways to Wear a T-Shirt

People often say to me..."Adriana I want to be more eco-friendly and start dressing 'green' but it's so expensive." 

Some how the eco-friendly lifestyle developed the stereotype of being more expensive.  What many people don't realize is that the most eco-friendly thing you can do is maximize, and make the most of, what you have.  Eco-friendly style is about being aware of what, and how much, you consume.  If you're in-the-know about the philosophy behind eco-friendly fashion it's easy to transform yourself into an eco fashionista. 

So today lets look at how we can make the most of a basic t-shirt.  Here are 10 Ways to Wear a T-Shirt:

  • Wear colored or patterned heels with fitted jeans to make a tee pop
  • Focus on hair and make up
  • Add a vest for a touch of preppy cool
  • Strap on a suspenders for a touch of urban street flair 
  • Dress it up with a sequin skirt or shiny pants
  • Wear an oversized tee with leggings and boots (make sure it covers your's best to leave more to the imagination)
  • Add accessories...Pins and layered chunky necklaces are great
  • Tuck it in a a high waist skirt or pair of shorts
  • Layer it up under an oversized cardigan  
  • Belt it...Wear a statement belt with a tucked-in or loose fitting tee

Before you make a purchase give yourself a fresh set of eyes and style what you own.  If you do decide to make a purchase consider not just how cute something looks but what that cute item supports in the world.  Is it good for the Earth and human rights?  There are lots of brands that are about style and social responsibility.  Search for them or use our recommendation engine to connect you to the brands with the styles and price points you like.

Emma Watson T-Shirt Style

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