Allison Parris


The eco-friendly and socially conscious Allison Parris New York Collection is built around the idea that “retaining moral values” and “being able to wear beautiful, well made clothing” are not mutually exclusive actions. While keeping a feminine and sophisticated appeal, Allison Parris New York utilizes organic silks, fabrics made of recycled materials and factories within Manhattan to create what they see as a better clothing experience for their clients.

Fun Facts

  • Allison does the photography for the look books herself
  • Allison's playlist for making a new collection has everything from 90's pop to Gordon Lightfoot
  • The office "New Years Resolution" is to stop drinking from disposable coffee cups
  • "Parris" is Allison's real last name that she grew up with
Design Philosophy
Design Philosophy

Design Philosophy

Why Eco and Ethical Design

Allison Parris is always at the forefront of the most recent sustainable design technology. For them, the only option for a better future involves incorporating these innovative and eco-friendly techniques into their design process. Allison Parris is making sustainable look chic with the use of recycled PET fabrics and vintage repurposed trims.


  • Producing in NYC reduces CO2 emmissions from shipping & also boosts job creation in the US
  • Allison Parris' tutu has 0 fabric waste in cutting; what a fun way to make the most of fabrics!
  • The world's landfills are overflowing with plastics, many of which could be made into PET & re-used
  • Allison Parris believes in using organic fabrics to reduce their chemical usage


About Our Materials

Over 75% of the Allison Parris collection is made from recycled PET fabrics, raw organic silks, vintage repurposed trims, or other materials sourced from the New York Garment district. They are continuously looking into new developments in the textile world and are very excited about the advances taking place in the textile recycling industry!

We use

  • Recycled PET netting
  • Vintage beading
  • Raw organic silk
  • Recycled PET satin lining
Cradle-to-Cradle Design
Cradle-to-Cradle Design

Cradle-to-Cradle Design

Give Your Clothes a Second Life

Although Allison Parris' clothing is designed with a classic style that can be worn for several seasons, there are many great charities that would be thrilled to accept clothing donations and give your clothes a second life when their time with you has ended. Allison Parris is a large supporter of extending our clothing's lifetimes.

Recycle or Upcycle

  • Salvation Army
  • The Red Cross
  • Dress for Success
  • Career Gear
Sustainable Design
Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design

How We Process Our Textiles

Allison Parris stands by the thought that "every little bit helps." Whether it's walking to the factory rather than driving a car or finding new and exciting recycled materials, the fight to reduce your impact on the earth can be fought in many ways.

Eco-friendly Highlights

  • Locally produced
  • Less plastics used in packaging wholesale shipments
  • Recycled, repurposed and organic materials
  • Patterns are made in a way to reduce fabric waste in the cutting process
Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility


Beyond reducing their environmental impact, the staff at Allison Parris New York is very involved in trying to have a positive social impact on their community. Everyone on the team is individually involved in many different charities and activities such as volunteering to read to underprivileged children, working at community events or giving back to the arts.

Examples of how we give back

  • Worldfund Charity for Education in Latin America
  • Books for Kids, NYC
  • American Friends of the Louvre
  • Charity Water
Country of Origin
Country of Origin

Country of Origin

Supply Chain

All of Allison Parris' garments are made in the United States, but they also use sustainable materials sourced from other countries. With raw organic silk from India and recycled PET lining from Turkey, Allison Parris has a global impact and reach as well.


  • Garment production: USA
  • Raw Organic Silk: India
  • Hang Tags: USA
  • Recycled PET Lining: Turkey
Ethical Design
Ethical Design

Ethical Design

People in Our Supply Chain

Allison Parris uses factories in the garment district in New York City. Their seamstresses are highly trained individuals with good working conditions, and they are paid well. For Allison Parris, making items like tutus and party dresses provide women with light/happy pieces. Allison Parris wants the wearer to feel good about every aspect of their garment - not only the look, but also the sustainable story behind the seams.


  • Employees work in great conditions in the factories
  • Seamstresses are given challenging work they can enjoy
  • Highly trained seamstresses
  • Workers are well paid