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Love Is In The ‘Fair’

Love Is In The ‘Fair’

As we head down our Valentine’s Day check list, flowers and chocolate are obviously at the top. Yesterday, we learned that choosing organic bouquets over pesticide-ridden ones can be a great gesture of love. Let’s learn more of what we can do to ‘greenify’ our special day!

For myself and every female I know, we agree that guys have sure hit the spot with this whole chocolate tradition. Now, I can’t help the guilt many of you might feel by indulging in sweets, but I can give a few tips how to ease your conscience in another way. It is a tough truth that much of the chocolate industry is what may be called ‘unethical.’ Studies in the largest cocoa producing countries, cited on the Global Exchange site, indicate that hundreds of thousands of the workers on these farms are children, and a significant amount of those are enslaved.

It is detestable to think that anyone is still enslaved today, and especially children. And in such great numbers! Even my raging sweet tooth is repulsed by that. It doesn’t seem very romantic to give someone a box of slave labor for Valentine’s Day, does it? Phew, I didn’t think so.

So, what we have to do then, is to check out those other options. Fair Trade certified chocolate will have a label on it, indicating that the producing company uses slave-free labor, gives workers a ‘living wage,’ and grows its products sustainably so that the environment does not suffer. In other words, the production of fair trade chocolate is a ‘transparent’ process. Sound great, right?

Nearly every supermarket carries one or more brands of fair trade chocolates- just look for the label! This can be brands like Divine Chocolate, Theo Chocolate, Decadent Truffles, Green & Black’s Organic, Endangered Species, and many more. Ladies and gents, enjoy that sweet tooth-but in a rather sweeter way this Valentine’s Day.

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