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FAQ: General Information

What is Fashioning Change?

Fashioning Change is a marketplace that helps you discover eco-friendly and ethical brands that match the style aesthetic and price points of the name brands you like and want.

What is the mission of Fashioning Change?

It is our mission to empower shoppers with information, tools, and opportunity to create positive change.

What does Fashioning Change believe?

We believe people want to do good. We also believe every purchase we make is a "vote" for the practices of the companies we buy from. We recognize our personal philosophy of wanting to do good frequently doesn't line-up with the practices we support when we buy from a popular name brands. We believe we can fuse together our wanting to do good in the world with the purchases we make by creating access to information and choices.

Do you rate brands "good" or "bad?"

No. Fashioning Change tells the story behind the practices of both name brands and the brands we recommend. We recommend brands that have transparent supply-chains and have an authentic commitment to protecting health, the Earth, and human rights. We do not recommend brands that lack transparency in their supply-chains and that do not have an authentic commitment to protecting health, the Earth, and human rights. We leave it up to you to decide what is "good" or "bad" based on your personal beliefs.

How do you know something is eco-friendly and ethical?

Each brand we recommend must protect health, the Earth, and human rights. It must also have a transparent supply-chain. We review a brand's design philosophy, materials, manufacturing processes, affiliations, and certifications. Many brands are referred to us by third-party non-profit organizations working on sustainability and human rights issues.

Where do you get the information presented in the name brand lifecycle widget?

Fashioning Change researches the corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices of name brands and presents information from name brand CSR reports, name brand annual reports, and independent reports created by non-profits working on environmental and human rights issues.

What is the green shopping intervention number?

Name brands spend millions of dollars on branding but shoppers rarely get the whole story behind the brand. The real-time green shopping intervention number you see at the top of the site is the unique number of times the Corporate Social Responsibility practices of name brands have been discovered along with the stylish eco-friendly and ethical brand alternative.

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