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Banana Republic

V-Neck T-Shirt

Soft-Wash v-neck tee



  • FibrEthik is a not-for-profit ?
  • Collections are made from 100% organic ?
  • Fair trade ?
  • Transparent supply chain ?
  • Uses pesticides and toxic chemicals ?
  • Uses 2,000 factories in over 50 countries ?
  • Pays starvation wages ?
  • No transparency in supply chain ?

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V-Neck T-Shirt

$19.95 - fibrEthik

An essential grab and go shirt. This short sleeve v-neck t-shirt pairs well with your favorite jeans. Wear it plain or under a sports coat for a stylish yet casual date ensemble.

Materials: 100% Fair Trade & Organic Cotton

Care: Machine wash gentle; lay flat to dry.

(No Longer In Stock)

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