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Love Me Again

Urban Outfitters

Carlotta Dress

Sparkle & Fade Colorblock Dress



  • Upcycled ?
  • Affordable ?
  • Trend aware ?
  • Sourced and Made In Manchester ?
  • Forced child labor ?
  • Steals designs from emerging designers ?
  • No commitment to ethical manufacturing ?
  • No commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing ?

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Carlotta Dress

$55.00 - Love Me Again

Knitted, snuggly and slinky body-con fit dress with flattering black side panels. *This dress can be made in the colors pictured and any other color of your choice for a completely unique dress. Email to request specific color options.

Materials: Assorted knitwear

Care: Hand washing is advised due to the nature of the mixture and variation of materials

(No Longer In Stock)

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