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Proud Mary


Plum Bird Tote

Cervinia Tote

$130.00 $91.00


  • Handmade ?
  • Developing Countries ?
  • Fair Trade ?
  • Craft Preservation ?
  • Forced child labor ?
  • No commitment to ethical manufacturing ?
  • No commitment to authentic eco-friendly manufacturing ?
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Plum Bird Tote

$130.00 $91.00
Proud Mary

This tote is perfect for the out and about woman. The traditional bird motif is hand woven using a backstrap loom by women in the Peruvian highlands town of San Marcos. This handbag supports the creation economic stability for the small group of 12 women weavers that hand make this bag. Until now they have not had their bags sold outside of Peru. Dimensions: 14" high x 17" wide 1" wide hand-tooled leather straps

Materials: Naturally dyed Peruvian wool. Hand-tooled leather.

Care: Dry clean

(No Longer In Stock)

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